UltraSonic Cleaning Solutions

How we differ from other Ultrasonic cleaning machines?

A basic ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning device that uses ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solution to clean items. The ultrasound can be used with just water; but use of an ultrasonic soap appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the soiling enhances the effect. Cleaning normally lasts between three and six minutes. With UltraSonic LLC, we offer a stainless steel container that has ceramic transducers attached to the side of the tank, or in immersible containers. These transducers mounted on the side give you more enhanced cleaning ability. The cleaning action from the top of the tank to the bottom of the tank remains the same. We offer horizontal cleaning from two directions, meaning you do not lose any cleaning power with the transducers on the side versus mounted on the bottom. With traditionally mounted transducers, dirt and/or debris falls to the bottom of that tank, robbing you of cleaning power. An UltraSonic LLC machine with our side-mounted transducers delivers a more effective cleaning process.


UltraSonic LLC cavitation is the momentary creation of vacuum "tears" commonly referred to as "bubbles" in the fluid which immediately and violently implode to produce millions of microscopic jets of liquid which gently scrub the parts which are submerged in the tank. These “bubbles” are created tens of thousands of times each second to gently remove contaminants without damage. With UltraSonic LLC, these cavities are generated about 80,000 times each second. The tears or bubbles actually fold inward and produce a jet of liquid down the center of the cavity. Millions of times each minute, the surface of any parts submerged in the bath are being attacked by these implosions, although the cleaning action produced is rather gentle. Movement of the cleaning fluid during ultrasonic cavitation will drastically reduce ultrasonic cavitation. This is the primary reason why filtration systems are not operated when parts are being ultrasonically cleaned. The cleaning agents selected for a given cleaning application will change the distribution of ultrasonic energy, as well as the power of cavitational implosive force. Some agents will reduce or completely eliminate effective ultrasonic cavitation. This is why UltraSonic LLC has a specially designed soap for use in all of your cleaning needs.

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On The Lighter Side

Phil Esz Sets Top Dragster Record!

The Ultrasonic Top Dragster ‘Ultra 4’ Shootout has been one of the most exciting points of the class in the Professional Drag Racers Association’s inaugural year. One of the biggest draws for Top Dragster and Top Sportsman alike is the need to push the limits to qualify, and then turn around and be able to bracket race at incredible speeds on race day. The Ultra 4 Shootout provides an even greater incentive to be a top qualifier by providing a race within the race. The quickest four qualifiers compete in a no-dial-in event where whoever crosses the finish line first wins.

Phil Esz, whose company UltraSonic, LLC sponsors the Ultra 4 Shootout, also competes in the class and recently proved to be the quickest competitor in Top Dragster.

“I wanted to give something back to racing and let it help grow my business, which it started doing before I sponsored the UltraSonic, LLC Ultra 4 Shootout,” Phil Esz said of his commitment to the shootout. “Marty Chance at Neil Chance Racing Converters had bought a machine last year. I also liked the PDRA two-day race format and eighth-mile racing. It’s a safe place to race with an awesome track and great people to deal with. Ron [Bales, team co-owner] and I both love heads-up drag racing. There are several really fast dragsters that feel like we do, so hopefully it can grow into another class at PDRA.”

At the PDRA Summer Drags, Phil Esz laid down an astounding 3.696 to reset the Top Dragster elapsed time world record. This also awarded him the number-one qualifying position and a spot in the Ultra 4 Shootout.

“I think Ron was more excited than me,” added Phil. “We only have 15 runs on the car this year. We made some mistakes and did a real big wheel stand in Q2 which really could have ended ugly, but luck, a blessing and some driving saved the day."


UltraSonic LLC Dragster


Phil Esz and the UltraSonic Dragster


Phil Esz was the top qualifier in Open Outlaw this weekend. Phil ran the Top Dragster in the PDRA series this year and his Ultrasonic LLC sponsored the Ultra Four Shootout at the PDRA this year. He holds the PDRA record at 3.67 and has been a .68 and .69 so far. The combo is a BAE 500 inch topped with a Hammer supercharger based on a Fowler F11 case backed by a Snyder Motorsports Lenco drive trans with an NCRC converter. Phil is partnered in the car with Ron Bales. Other sponsors include R&R connecting rods, Arias Pistons and Fowler Engines.

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