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Ultrasonic cleaning has been used as an industrial cleaning process for many years. Today, we’re using more ultrasonic power, mounting the transducers on the side of the tanks verses the bottom. We also employ agitation, and use better “go green” cleaning chemicals. Think of an Ultrasonic washer as a “power enhancer,” making the chemicals being used work better and faster. The cleaning power comes from the cavitation produced by the ultrasonic generator and transducers, attacking the areas we cannot touch, see or feel. Environmentally friendly, ultrasonic cleaning is an excellent solution and alternative to cleaning with solvent-based cleaners.

UltraSonic LLC's ultrasonic cleaning equipment and ultrasonic washing machines are the perfect solutions for cleaning a wide range of part shapes, sizes and materials. Many parts may not require disassembling prior to cleaning. Our cavitation process creates a force that removes all contaminants without damaging the parts/instruments. Automotive and aviation parts, plastic injection molds, medical components, dental and surgical instruments, weapons and electronics are just some of the industries that benefit from ultrasonic cleaning.


UltraSonic Machine Models:

UltraSonic 2200A
UltraSonic 2400FA
UltraSonic 3200FA
UltraSonic 3800FLT
UltraSonic 6000FLT

Table Top Models
Demo/Used Models


Custom Units Available

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines


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